Hold'em Battle by ThwartPoker Inc. — No Limit, Skill-based Poker with a Twist!




ThwartPoker Inc.

Become a better thinker, strategist and poker player while sharing hours of fun and enjoyment with friends playing Hold’em Battle. By replacing random dealing with player card selection, Hold’em Battle adds a whole new dimension to traditional poker to create an enriched multiplayer experience. It is easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master and can be played for minutes or hours. It is for all ages from casual gamer to serious poker player.

In the free version, play against one or two other live players with time limits for card and bet selection, or play tournament games in which you try to advance through two levels of first 2 and then 3 virtual opponents. Learn gameplay mechanics through the interactive tutorial.

Upgrade to the full version to take your skills to a whole new level.

Multiplayer mode has the following additional features:

  • Games with two to seven live players
  • Game host can set card and bet time limits, number of time violations allowed per hand per player and starting stake of the players

Single Player mode has the following additional features:

  • Tournament Games - Advance through five levels of from two to six virtual opponents
  • High Scores – Record your 10 best tournament game scores
  • Save/Restore – Save up to 10 tournament games in progress and resume playing any one of them at a later time or date
  • Practice Games - Improve your skills by playing against 1 to 6 virtual opponents. Use the UNDO button to explore alternate strategies by “undoing” or “taking back” any moves in a hand

Hold’em Battle blends compelling features of chess strategy and puzzle solving with traditional poker to take play to a whole new level. It’s poker reborn where skill replaces chance!