Zoological Society of London

The Indicator Bats Program – iBats monitors bat populations globally by listening to the sounds bats use to navigate and find food. Volunteers around the world collect bat sounds and together we keep track of any changes in abundance or distribution of these amazing species.

The iBats app will record the sound output from an ultrasonic bat detector plugged into the iPhone and will simultaneously geo-reference the files. The app also provides a map interface to make navigating your route easier. The geo-referenced sound file can then be automatically uploaded through your wireless network into the iBats online database which replaces the need for a separate sound recording device, GPS unit and recording sheets. You don’t have to be part of iBats to use the app, as you can also use it to record surveys and upload recordings to your own computer.

Find out how you can become involved in the iBats Program today: www.ibats.org.uk